Can you explain the faucet options?

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Connect to Kitchen Faucet

Converts the cold water on your existing kitchen faucet to Atla Water.

If you don't want to install a dedicated faucet, you can use your existing kitchen faucet. The Atla System flows at one gallon per minute continuously; that's fast. Simply choose the 'Connect to Kitchen Faucet' option on the Atla System before 'adding to cart'. A great option for those who rent or want a single-faucet look.

Connect to Dedicated Faucet

Provides the proper installation parts to connect to an existing dedicated faucet or 3-way kitchen faucet.

If you want to use your existing dedicated faucet or provide your own dedicated faucet (including 3-way kitchen faucets), this is the option for you.

What's a 3-way kitchen faucet? This type of kitchen faucet has a built-in dedicated supply line for purified water.

Which Faucet Option Is Best?

A dedicated faucet or 3-way kitchen faucet is preferred as the purified water will never come into contact with surfaces in contact with unpurified water (the hot water line). Don't stress about it; you just need to let the water run for a few seconds before filling your water glass. If the existing kitchen faucet is more convenient for you now that's the way to go. You can always add a dedicated or 3-way faucet at any time in the future.

Dedicated Faucets Sold by Atla

Atla Systems can also be purchased with varying styles of dedicated faucets. Choose the style you like best or that matches your existing kitchen faucet best.

The use of a dedicated faucet requires a hole in your sink or countertop. Many people install a dedicated faucet where a soap pump or sprayer currently resides. Others drill through their countertop. Atla's dedicated faucets fit holes from 0.5" - 1.5" in diameter.