Do you offer a whole-house model?

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We're asked daily for a whole-house option. We get it. It would be nice to have Atla Water at every tap in the house. The problem is, even if we made a gigantic system, it wouldn't be Atla Water coming out of those taps.

You see, Atla has special properties that are lost when it travels through the pipes to your faucet. This is also why bottled spring water has lost most of its vitality. Pumps and common pipes create flat-tasting dead water.

The other reason involves your health. Chemicals are added to water to keep it from growing bugs that can make you sick. It's best to leave those chemicals in until right before you drink it. When you remove them from every tap in the house, your home's pipes become a breeding ground.

Boutique hotels are infamous for Legionnaires Disease outbreaks. Why? Many of them remove the chemicals to provide a more spa-like shower experience. Bugs promptly begin to flourish in the pipes of the hotel and the patrons drink it unfiltered.

We're not down on whole house filtration. In fact, we're big fans of chemical-free showers. However, whole-house filters can never guarantee safe drinking water. And they can't produce anything near the experience of drinking Atla Water.

If you decide to add a whole-house water filter of any kind, don't forget to add the Atla Water System in the kitchen.