Does the system remove fluoride?

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Fluoride is the most difficult of all contaminants to remove.

Even reverse osmosis systems remove only 85-92% of fluoride, and they remove an even higher percentage of the beneficial minerals which we preserve.

Atla System was laboratory tested with a fluoride influent challenge of 7.14 mg/L. The average reduction was 0.885 mg/L over 1000 gallons of use (3 gallons per day annually).

Based on real-world tests provided by Atla Water customers, you can expect a 10%-89% reduction of the fluoride in your water provided the filters are changed annually. (Yes, that's a wide spectrum of reduction, we know.) The factors affecting reduction include the total volume of water purified during the year, the volumetric flow rate of the water (affected by water pressure and faucet position), the other contaminants in your water (some contaminants outcompete fluoride for adhesion to the purification media), and the pH of your source water.

For people with fluoride sensitivity, we can supply an additional fluoride filter for the Atla Water System to more than double the reduction capacity over the standard system.

If you want the Purification Expansion Kit and additional Fluoride Filter, we have those items available online or you may contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Can fluoride be reduced even more in a system of this type?

Yes, it can. However, the purification media is aluminum-based (Activated Alumina and similar compounds). Our research has led us to believe aluminum is more harmful to the human body than fluoride even at 1/100th the concentration. We opted for an all-natural, safe alternative even though that means slightly less fluoride reduction overall.