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Programs exclusively for Atla System owners.

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Referral Program

Earn $75 on each Atla System sale*

Join the growing number of Atla Water System owners who pay for their system by introducing Atla Water to their friends and family. The majority of our sales come from referrals from customers just like you. The Referral Program is available exclusively to Atla Water System owners only.**

The Referral Program is for Atla Water System owners only. To ensure you receive credit for your referral, we ask all purchasers of Atla Systems if anyone referred them. Additionally, you can request a personalized link that you can send to friends and family or post on social media that will credit purchases to you. Visit:

**The Referral Program is not available to professional publishers, content creators, or influencers. If you are a professional, please see our Professionals Program.

Ambassador Program

Let someone try water from your system and earn a $75 commission*

Potential customers frequently ask if there is any way they can try Atla Water before purchasing a system. As an Atla Water Ambassador, you will be listed in our Ambassador Directory by your postal (zip) code. We allow only one ambassador per postal code, so this area is your protected territory. When someone near you wishes to try the water before they purchase, our website will send you a message. Simply reply to the message to begin communicating. You can allow the potential customer to fill up a gallon jug at your residence, or bring a filled container to a meeting place of your choosing- how you wish to interact with the potential customer is up to you. We do not give out your address to anyone. Even your email address is hidden until you respond to a message.

Postal codes are going fast, find your Order Confirmation email and reply to us that you want to be an Atla Water Ambassador.

Here is where consumers can reach out to ambassadors:

*Commissions are paid following the 90-Day Unconditional Return Period for each system purchased. Half-price Atla Systems in buy one get one at half-price orders do not qualify for commission.