Why do I need to replace my filters annually?

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One reason you may have purchased the Atla Water System was to get naturally alkaline water. Unlike artificially alkaline water, naturally alkaline water is safe and healthful for all and is created by adding alkaline minerals.

Where do the minerals come from?

The minerals are in the replacement filters. By the time the filters have been in use for one year, the minerals are gone.

Are your filters over one year old?

The water you are now drinking is passing through filters full of contaminants and bacteria. The bacteria isn't the harmful variety, but their growth and activity can release previously captured contaminants back into your water.

Plus, many types of contaminants are no longer being removed by the filters at all.

Restore the taste of your water and protect your health.

People often remark how much better their Atla Water tastes after changing the filters. New filters remove more of the bad stuff, creating cleaner tasting water. The filters are certified to last one year and lose their effectiveness rapidly with further use.

You may be thinking, "But my water still tastes good."

Because filters lose their effectiveness over time, the taste changes gradually and is imperceptible. By the time you can taste a difference, the filters have completely failed and you've already been drinking contaminants for some time.

How much is great-tasting, healthful water worth to you?

Changing your filter annually results in a daily cost of just $0.31 per day. When was the last time you had the best of anything for $0.31 per day?

We believe Atla Water is a terrific value.